Thursday, July 3, 2008

Shopping Center on Sierrita Mountain Rd

Open Discussion BLOG about Shopping Center at Viking & Sierrita Mountain Road<

This BLOG was created to host open discussions on ideas and desires for the commercial center at Viking St and Sierrita Mountain Road, Tucson, AZ. Range Market is at the corner, providing convenience store and grocery merchandise, as well as gas pumps and tanks. 3 flat commercial parcels next to Range Market Convenience Store & Gas Station at the busy corners of Viking, Sierrita Mtn & Hilltop. Daily school buses stop on Sierrita Mtn Rd in front of Range Market both morning and afternoon. Parents flock to the parking lot(s) to deliver and pick up children. These 3 parcels are perfect for a retail strip center or free standing buildings. Utilities are to the lot line. Recent ALTA survey split parcels off.

This is an excellent opportunity for a user or a developer to capitalize on the continued growth of this area. Buy one and develop a free standing building. Buy two or three and develop a strip center for a superb income property.

Please reply to this post and let us know some of your ideas on what you would like.

See the listings at:

$90k, 301-74-017G, Top Parcel
$80k, 301-74-017F, Middle Parcel
$90k, 301-74-017E, Bottom Parcel


Anonymous said...

Absolutely not! This area doesnt need a shopping mall. It needs a post office and a bank.

booker37 said...

We need the basics! A bank, a REAL Grocery Store with fresh produce and meat, a GYM, we badly need the basics and maybe some kind of food. Even a kiosk inside a store would be good. Picture Rocks has an A&W AND a Subway. We don't have anything like that. That area is growing with quarter million plus dollar houses. PLEASE GIVE US SOMETHING!

booker37 said...

Maybe we could have a grocery store, like a walmart neighborhood market, where we could get food and have a bank inside and a Starbucks!!! That would be awesome. I would prefer a Wells Fargo personally. I also REALLY would love to have a gym. Even a small one.

I live in Diamond Bell Ranch and I shop primarily at Target, the grocery Store, and Starbucks, and when I want to grab something to eat, I hit subway.

I agree with the last poster, we don't need a shopping center/mall out there. We wouldn't be able to support it, plus they just built that new one on Calle Santa Cruz and Irvington.

Also, anything that is family oriented would be a hit! I don't have kids but there are TONS of kids aged probably 4-16 out there that really don't have a fun place to go eat with their families. The only restaurant we have that's any good is Fred's Arena, which is a bar and kids aren't allowed in there after 9:00 pm.

Chel-C said...

We badly need a gym. Alot of people in my neighborhood are dying for a gym. especially my sister and I whos lives depend on good fitness. We cant always run becuase of the monsoon weather, or its too dark outside, or it way too hot, not to mention running with a gun and pepper spray and a dog just to be safe gets too tasky and work out dvds onky last so long and theres no convienient space for weights or machines in our homes. I would definatly go everyday and i'll even work there just to get it going.

We dont need fancy malls, we dont need a dillards or a coach store. We live in the middle of nowhere and none of that would do any of us any sort of good out here in the boonies.

We need the basics so we dont spend half our paychecks on gas going into town if we run out of milk bread and butter, or to mail an important package.

were not asking for much, jsut the things we need to you know... survive.

please and thank you